Someone needs to put a finger in the Dyke I mean Dam

August 7, 2021

It was a hot one, like seven inches from the midday sun. All the games in tonight's action was tight, tight like a tiger grrrr.

In game one, 8:20 as we know it, Quick Dam and Edge Doctor faced each other. The story line, if Edge could force a win, they would get to the top of the standings and give Quick Dam their first loss. Quick Dam wins and they continue to cement their standings lead. With his family in the stands, Andy Morrison did what he does best, impress. He got the first goal late in the first. Morrison would take the pass from Brian McDonald. This also put him in number one in the stats. The jubilation would not last very long. In the first shift after the drop of the puck in the second, Edge Doctor tied it up. Mark Kosinski, the star of Final Touch, filled in and filled the net. Quick dam would benefit in the middle of the second, from a tripping call that was contested heavily. A subsequent goal from Shawn Smith would put Quick Dam in the drivers seat once again. Glen Medeiros and Scott Webber would get the helpers. Early in the third, Quick Dam would stretch the lead getting one from a Sub. not sure who was wearing 22, getting set up Scott Webber. Edge Doctor would answer late, with a goal as well set up by Kreg Labelle. But it would not be enough as Quick Dam would continue their rein winning 3-2. Great game.

Here Ye Here YE, All Hail the Emperor! The rumors are true, Michael Dussault, Jr. had graced us with his presence. Junior would fill the void between the pipes for Vescera Law. He would get his first test of that nasty shoulder from Votta Properties. Votta would come out early to the party and get on the board. Eric Rondeau would bring the puck from the defense and put it passed. He would grab the rebound from Shane McCormick and Ricky Votta. The lead would not last as Mike Thomas would beat our friend Mike Baro on a rebound from Jay Arruda. Late in the first, Votta Properties controlled the action with Ralph Espilat would will the puck in, hitting the pipe on the way in. He would be set up by Frank Nardone, you know Aimee Accino's arm candy.  Early in the second Shane McCormick would get a break away stretching the lead. Vescera would scratch back as Scott Reilly, who claims I am always at the rink, how would he know that, oh yeah because he is always at the rink. Pot meet Kettle. Reilly would pull the puck out of the corner and will the shot through the short side. Arruda, again on the helper. Shane McCormick would retrieve the two goal lead with a subsequent follow up with Ricky Votta on the helper. Again, with Junior keeping lockstep with Baro, Vescera Law would get another with Ed Cordoso (new guy, friend of Shawn Smith) left out in front for Vescera's 3rd. Doc Manzo and Kevin Schleicher on the helpers. In the third Votta would regain their dominance with another goal by Frank Nordone. From my perspective it looked like Kevin Bartels got the goal, apparently, My Boo kept it alive for the Nordone goal. Mike Thomas would get the next goal for Vescera. He would be on a partial breakaway that was briefly thwarted by Eric Rondeau. Thomas would not be denied and put his team in a great place. Late in the game, VL pulled JR. (you get it right?) Anyway, the morale of the story is, Vescera would tie it up after a scrum in front of the net. The puck came out to the slot to the awaiting sure hands of Schleicher. The drama is real. And this article is getting long. Welcome back Mikey. Tie game 5-5

Wait, there's more. Manville Pizza, trying to hold onto the top spot after a hiatus of a week, Green Goddess was up the task early. The Goddess would get consecutive goals in the middle of the first. Bobby Gravel would get the goal from Peter Meegan. Next would be Larry Lefebrve. Cat bird seat time for Goddess. Manville would get on the board just before the buzzer in the first, set up by Kevin Webster. (not sure who got the goal). Peter Meegan would get Green Goddess back to a 2 goal lead from Rob Edleman. So also not sure who scored the second one for MPP but they narrowed the gap. Christopher Bach would regain the two goal stretch for Goddess, with Rob Edleman on the helper. This reads a lot like the Votta/Vescera game. Here we go, MPP would scratch and crawl and get 2 quick late goals in the second tying the game. Bing and Bang. Captain Dan Dussault would get the first one on a breakaway. And from the drop of the puck, Nate Patterson would take the pass from Kevin Webster for the tying goal. And that would be that. No fireworks in the third. No fan fair, just back and forth, like the ebbing tied. 4-4 tie.

What a week of hockey. If you guys aren't doing anything tonight, Pizzo is having a Kan Jam spectacular at his house around 7. He lives on Nate Whipple highway. 1 mile from Mendon road in Cumberland. The first Sneech Pond road entrance on the left. Not sure his number. I just know where it is.

In any event, hope to see some of you there.

Another event Next Friday, if you have the bye, please come to Sports Legends to see Wicked Road.

Love you all.

Live, Breathe, Love.................................Hockey!!!!