Merry 2 weeks off and Happy Hope I can skate after the break

December 18, 2021

Hi everyone. Some of you missed this article last week as I was unavailable. I saw the eastern portion of the country. Drove through Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi and back. If you ever have a chance to go to Mississippi, fly there.

Last week things were very interesting. Manville Pizza, sitting atop the leader board was beat up a bit by the Junior rule. If we keep it under 6 we get a point. The score was 8-5. Edge Doctor prevailed. Mike Thomas was the hero of this game with 2 goals and 4 assists. MPP Had a good showing, Unfortunately it was the first that got them, allowing a 5-3 lead which they just couldn't overcome.

Votta Properties is looking good, beating Final Touch 7-2. The hero was Mr. Ricky Votta himself with a hat trick and an assist. His team is shaping up to be a force down the stretch. Final touch cannot seem to put two games together. Lots of subs these days. When all is said and done, we won't know who is really good til the playoffs.

Are you board yet. very very bland article. this team, that team lost, this one is awesome. blah blah blah.

Well this is the game that everyone was talking about. Vescera Law getting to the top of the charts, leaving everyone in the dust and it starts with Aimee Accinno. Accinno got the first goal of the game set up by Andy Morrison and Richie Dias. She repeated the effort with her second goal, again dished over by Richie and Nate Arruda. At the end of the second she would return the favor, with a helper to Richie Dias goal. This would put Vescera up 4-1 at the end of 2. In the beginning of the third, Aimee would complete the Hat Trick (Rumor has it, she is the first female player to do this in this league, I think Shannon has had one in the past, but cannot confirm.) This would put the law on the path to victory. A hat trick and an assist for Aimee Accino to be the hero of the game. Vescera wins 6-3.

Now lets get into this week.

It was the week before Christmas and all through the rink, everyone was getting ready, you could tell by the stink.....

In the first game, Vescera Law would get after it against Final Touch. Guess who started the scoring, Yep your new B player next season, Aimee Accino, set up by Richie Dias and Paul Praderio. At the end of the first Someone wearing 7 had an unassisted goal. Beginning of the second, a repeat for ole number 7. Finally Final got on the board mid second with a goal by Dan Clare from Larry and Tim. Larry would also set up the next goal for Final Touch, getting his captain a goal with help from Dan Clare. Unfortunately, it would not be enough as Vescera would get a late 2nd period goal to win 4-2.

Here ye here ye, after 11 weeks in the season, Quick Dam won a game. This is not mocking them, as this is a huge step forward. Shawn Smith, coming off Covid got the first goal, with help Eric Campbell and Glen Medieros. Wait was Eric even here? The Dam held the lead until midway through the second. Manville Pizza would get on the board with a goal by Rick Mercuri. He would be set up by Nick Nardone and Shane McShane shane McCormick. A lifetime of a tie, until late in the third like 2:14 left or 1:24 when your in the Goddess locker room, the Quick Dam would break the bubble and soak in the jubilation. Although I do not know who scored it, sub, but I do know Shawn Smith set him up. Congrats on the win Quick Dam.

In the last game before the break, it was a good one. Votta Properties versus Green Goddess. This was a goalie dual, Frank Zabata v. Mark Clarkin. They did not disappoint, the first period was a stalemate with save after save by both. A bit of a controversial save by Mark as he gloved the puck before the goal line. Yet the other team argued he brought it in. Hell of a save, is what it was. Early in the second, Goddess would get on the board with a goal by Andy Morrison. Another controversy about what lead up to the goal was a slap shot that missed the net, rimmed around and headed right for the breaking Morrison. Late in the second, Votta would tie it up, with a goa by Joe Marin from White Gloves Mark Kosinski's pass from behind the net ( I should have stopped the pass m-effer). In the third, Votta put one over on Goddess. A really sweet shot by Mike Bragan would be the difference in this one, as he put it bar down. Set up by Brandon Bell and Joe Martin. In the end, a late goal by Kosinski because Clarkin was way out of position, in fact he was on the bench. And that would do it. Votta for the win 3-1.

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a very happy New Year. Although 2021 will go down as one of the worst years in American History, we can all take solace and look at the bright side, we have each other and we have this game. It is the one the thing that connects us and is a really positive part of our lives. I am very thankful to know you all and call you my friends.

Live, Breathe, Love.......................................Hockey!!!!