The chill is setting in mid December Blues

December 4, 2021

Let's start at the beginning, a very good place to start.

Quick Dam, sans their fearless leader, came out to face the tumultuous Green Goddess hockey club. The puck dropped and it was on. It meaning the game, just in case that wasn't clear. The Dam got off to a great start with Frank Nardone and the knuckle puck special finding its way into the net. We look forward to the monkey tail beard Frank. The jubilation would not last. Steven, the assassin, Albertelli was called in by MI6 to take care of the orange. Actually, Jimmy called him. Albertelli picked up the puck out of the neutral zone havoc. He skated down unabated and finished. A couple of shifts later and Neil Yee would have similar success. This would be one of many for Yee. Skate, Skate, Skate, back and forth it went in the second. It took the brilliant play of yours truly, yes I hugged Nardone and got a penalty. Called it hooking, but it was free. In any event Yee got a shorty with help from Andy Morrison and Al Witton. Witton would set it up again as Yee, grabbed his butterfly net and golf club to get the next one in. The pass coming through the air from Morrison. 2 Shorties on one penalty. You are welcome. This all came very late in the second period. In the third, Goddess kept going. At the 5 minute mark, your friend and mine, Ricky Vasconcelos. (Vas-Con-SELL-OSE) would get by the goalie. Did you know this was his second attempt. Schaivone almost gave up an empty netter to V but hacked the "puck" (wink) off of Ricky's stick and thwart the effort. He was helped in his goal by Morrison and Witton. Late in the game, the Yugo was not wasted as Jay Cinq-Mars would get a goal for the Goddess in a scramble in front of the net. That would do it and Goddess wins 6-1.

Game 2 would be the game of the night, in my humble opinion. Final Touch and Edge Doctor would take the ice with the newest jerseys of the league. The Edge Doctor would start off the game early, with a goal by Adam Babikian from Mike Thomas. Adam sniped the shot to start his game on the right track. Midway through the first, Final Touch would answer with a goal by Tim Pincince. Timmy claims he was on the schnide for goals over the past few weeks. He just needed help from Larry Lefebvre to get off the snake bite. Late in the first, Edge would take the lead. Kevin Bartels and Kreg Labelle would set up Sean Coffey for the goal. Early in the second, Dan Clare would use what soccer players call a meg. Getting under the legs of the defense and right into the net. Pincince would set that up. Midway through the second, it was all Edge Doctor all the time. Jay Cawley would camp in front of the net, to light the fuse, taking a pass right in the gut of the slot from Kreg Labelle. 42 seconds later, Kreg would take the leaked pass from the opposite slot and breakaway to the net, and of course he would finish. 11 seconds after that, Edge Doctor would strike again. This time Mike Thomas would get the goal. And the Bench rejoiced. Late in the period, Edge had the edge with a 5-2 lead. Late, Late in the period, Larrry Lefebvre would mis shoot the puck but not give up on and pass it to the middle. Steve Manning would crash the net and take the pass for the goal. 6 seconds later, Larry would get a beauty over the glove side to make it 5-4 with only 10 seconds left in the second. Final Touch called a time out. Pulled Schaivone and got out there late in the third. Some real hard decision making was done on the bench. Not that everyone heard it. Puck drop, shot, scramble, keeper, shot, score, Tim Pincince would tie the game with a one twelve left on the clock. This would be all she wrote. What a game. tie 5-5. Happy Birthday Steve Owens.

In the third game. Come gather around children and let me tell you why you don't play the first and third games and drink in between. The Great Santiago, could not get his shit together and his nemesis, Shannon Murphy obviously had hers together. Shit I mean. Anyway, I guess you know how this is going to go. Manville Pizza got the game going in the first. Nick Nardone, must have seen his brother get the first goal in his game. So he couldn't be shown up. He got a great pass by Dan Dussault. This was a little after the midway point. The next goal was in the very same shift, this time Keith Kraunelis would get the goal from Nardone. Nardone would set up Keith again and all of a sudden it was 3 nothing, in less than a minute. In fairness, that was it for the goal scoring action. Back and forth they went, Santiago and Murphy were both Flawless through the second and the third. Obviously, Murphy was flawless through the whole game getting the shut out. Manville Pizza 3-0 over Vescera Law.

With the win by Manville, they move into a tie for first. Green Goddess shimmied up the standings themselves to get into a solid 3rd place. Lot of moving parts.

I hope everyone has a great week. Please be kind to each other. Lots of shopping, being done. People are selfish, don't let them get to you as you are out and about. Please also remember, most retailers are under staffed, please be patient with the lines and cashiers. They are not paid well, but have long hours coming up with the holidays. They have feelings, a kind word and a smile will go a long way.

That is my thought of the day. See you all soon.

Have a great week.

Live, breathe, love.............................Hockey!!!!!