Midsummer Nightmare or Dream Come True/Perspective

July 16, 2022

Let us reflect on the night of hockey with perspective. On one hand, it was a nightmare. On the other a dream come true. Take the first game for example. Personally, it was a nightmare for me. On the other hand, it was a glorious dream come true for Votta Properties, especially Steve Lombardi, who had a hat trick. Also, loving the sweet victory was Jerry the assassin Fahey and Don Gouty Votta with several assists and a goal each. Suffice it to say, Final Touch is on the down swing and Votta is on the upswing. Votta Properties with a devistating 8-2 win over Final Touch. 

Game 2 was without a goaltender, but wait, Steve Wolk hung around after a stellar first game, apparently looking forward to a repeat performance in this one. Mike Dussault, set your alarm. Vescera Law would Paul Praderio would be the hero with a couple of goals. Derek Franco would be the second star on the Law with a goal and 2 assists. At the drop of the puck in the third, Goddess had a glimmer of hope with Kreg Labelle getting them on the board. In the end it was Vescera Law winning 4-1 over Green Goddess.

The game of the night would be this one. Sorry you had to wait for it. Here we are at the end of the night. Quick Dam had a rough go of it lately. Edge Doctor has as well. They have been on the cusp of greatness. It starts with 1 goal and Iggy Gozman started it. The Dam was equal to the task with a goal midway through, Cam Walsh, providing the tie up. In the second, Quick Dam took the lead. The jubilation would not last as, Edge Doctor would tie it up a shift later. All came down to the third. Back and forth they would go, shift after shift, shot after shot. Midway through Edge Doctor would crack the code, Adam Babikian setting it up. It was a marathon to the finish, but Edge Doctor held up. Edge Doctor 3-2 over Quick Dam. 

The standings look like, everyone will make the playoffs. So, I will hold off on the toaster bath for now. In any event, hope everyone has a great week. 

Live, Breathe, Love............................................HOCKEY!!!