Hot Ice Beaches.

July 9, 2022

Here we go everyone!!!

Let's start with the Upset. Yes, I am upset! Green Goddess beat up on Final Touch. Green Freakin' Goddess. The story goes that it is my fault. Apparently, saying hey "we are in first place" on a text is the reason Final Touch lost. Me firmly falling on the sword. However, if you talk to Goddess, it was because Captain Robichaud showed up 20 minutes before the game and set the plan. Either way, Final Touch started off great with the Return of Anthony Lisi getting a goal. The Steve Manning got a goal, all the absentee's, jumping on the board. And then, the wheels fell off. Suffice it to say, Jim Gavin got a hatty and an empty netter. All set up by Kreg Labelle, who was positively giddy after winning their first. Plus he got 2 and Richie Dias got a goal to fill out the big win. Shall we talk about Stoney Bologna? (it rhymes, not phonetically though). Just something I hear, right Aimee? Anyway, Goddess wins 7-4. 

Another gigantic win for Votta Properties last night. 10 goals. Don Gouty himself, Ricky Votta with the Hat Trick!!! Thats my boy. Steven Albertelli also filled in nicely with a sombrero. I mean, do we really need to go any further. However, Manville did tie up the game at one point and it had a lot to do with Captain Dan Dussault with a sweet goal. Maybe, Ben helped it a long with his Llama mask. That kid cracks me up. Votta wins 10-4.

Last but certainly not least, Quick Dam got back to their winning ways. Larry Lefebvre taking the yoke for the orange and getting 2 goals including the game winner. Kevin Schleicher got the lone goal for Vescera Law, from Robert Solon. In any event that pretty much sums up this game as well. 

By the way, the parking lot was fun as well. Kan Jam and laughs. Hope we can continue the good weather for a while. 

Hope everyone has a great week. Love you all!

Live, Breathe, Love.......................................HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!