Happy Independence Day

July 2, 2022

12 score and 3 years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

Back to the hockey.

Manville Pizza took it to Green Goddess in the early going. A couple of goals out of the gate for Keith Kraunelis, literally out of the gate, within the first two minutes. They will get 2 more by the time Goddess would crack Santiago. Richie Dias would top shelf the little black pill, set up nicely by Aimee (drunky skunky) Accino. Do I mention some "stick on the ice" situation between two members of GG? nah? Galvin got a couple more for the Goddess as well as Kreg LaBelle. In the end, Mark Kosinski took over the scoring for the Manville Palace Pizza getting 4. Fucking 4. It would take me 4 seasons to get 4. Fucking 4. Ok sorry Mark good job. Manville wins 8-4.

In game two as we look over the competition during warm ups, I start getting a bit nervous. It looks like a bunch of young bucks about to kick our ass. That was my thought. Here is what happened. Mike Schneider would set the tone for the game, getting one from the blue line for Final Touch. Quick Dam would tie it up with Mike Thomas getting one from Cam Walsh. Before the first was over Capt. Shaun Smith would pump one in with traffic in front. The second belonged to Final touch. Kevin Schleicher lit the match against his goalie subbing in for the FT. Basically he got a couple, Kevin Labelle got a couple and Kevin Webster got a couple. That would pretty much do it for the game, 7-3 Final Touch.

Here is the game of the night really. I slotted the Kan Jam and then Peter Did. Hahahaha.

No the game of the night was Votta v. Edge Doctor. 1 -1 game. Really a battle of the goalies. Mark Clarkin versus Mike Baro. Clarkin let up one in the first and Baro in the second. That is it, nothing more. The line is drawn here No Further!!! (think of captain Picard voice in your head). Rick Mercuri scored for Edge and the New Guy Steve Lombardi for Votta. Like I said tie 1 to 1.

Please do not use fireworks, other than how they were intended. The god damn things will blow you hand off.

Have a great Independence day everyone.

See you next week!

Live, Breathe, Love...........................................Hockey!!!!