October 28, 2017

I TOLD U ONCE, I TOLD U TWICE, BUT U NEVER LISTEN TO MY ADVICE....payments due, it's the beginning of a new month.  Let's review....$150.00 deposit due before season.  $100.00 due Oct 1, $100.00 due Nov 1, $100.00 due Dec 1, and the final $100.00 due Jan 1.  Won't You come C Jim Gallagher, He'll be around watching baby.

Lets start with the game of the night. Vescera Law gets a big win over Manny's and caps off the game with Dave McDonald scoring. You say so what? That is the goalie bitches! It is a goalies dream to score, It is more rare than a unicorn, a Yeti, a flying saucer or even me scoring. Vescera truly spread the goals around. That was the key to the win. 6-4.

I would personally like to thank both Final Touch and Votta Properties for the low scoring game. It makes it so much easier to report. Votta seems to be snake bitten. Always the bridesmaid. This was a tight game with all the scoring coming in the second. Jim Galvin would be the hero for final touch. Like Danton Heinen, that is all they would need. Votta would get close, supported by Ricky Votta himself. Just wouldn't be enough. 2-1 in favor of the Touch.

These games were serious tonight. Manville Pizza would salt away 3-1 advantage going n to the second. They would make it 4-1, 5-2 and 6-2. And then Green Goddess would chip, chip, chip away. Andy Morrison would be the catalyst with 4 goals and 2 assists. He would vault GG past the Pizza. Eric Campbell would get the game winner from Morrison. Ralph Espilat would push the envelope, with a goal and 4 assists. The most important being the capper with Campbell and JW Preston getting the goal. Wow what a finish.

All fro the love of hockey!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween.

Live, Breathe, Love........Hockey!!!!!!!