Vescera Steps up again

November 10, 2017

What a great night of hockey. Vescera Law continues its unbeaten streak to 5 games. Meanwhile Final Touch grabs 2 points in a shocker over Manville Palace Pizza, from basement to the penthouse. Roman Law couldn't get out of their own way, as Young Albertelli beat up on Old Albertelli. Thanksgiving is going to be interesting.

Roman Law seemed to come out in the first game, hoping to keep the momentum from last weeks game. Mannys had other plans for them however. Roman came out and grabbed the first goal. (or did they?) They decided not to go to Toronto for this one, so the goal counted, Ray Iannuccillo  would get the Red on the board from Jay Cinq-Mars. (and he gets compliments on the hyphen). It wouldn't last long as Nate Patterson went to an old bag of tricks from his roller hockey days. Popping the puck over MY EFFING STICK and getting a break away. And finishing I might add. And then It was Albertelli time. The young Stephen would be papa bear Dan, and the rest of Roman Law on the next 2 goals. Shall we talk about the fourth goal. Jimmy Meegan got a dandy of a pass across the crease. He couldn't believe his luck when I passed it right to him. They don't give assists to the opposing team.....MEEEEEEEGAN!!!!!!!!! It wasn't the game winner, but it was the nail.. 4-2 Manny's

I am not sure what is more shocking, is it this game? Manville Pizza started out on Fire. Mark Kosinski would grab the first, Tommy Gaboriault would get the second from Steve Owens. Owens would get the 3rd from Tommy and it would be 3 to 2 over Final going into the second. It would last. Final Touch would start chipping away. Grabbing 3 goals in the second. In the first Rich Dias would start the scoring with Mark Ferreira. In the Second Pete Meegan would be a beast grabbing 2. One unassisted and one from Barry Horton. Dan Clair would get the eventual game winner in this one. Great goal Daniel-son, WaX ON WHACKS OFF !  Peter and Richie would take care of the rest. 4 more goals in the third. Peter Meegan would be a stud with 4 goals. Rich Dias would get the hatty plus an assist. Whoever 27 was, that guy, that guy was the set up man. Final Touch gets some respect with a 9-4 win.

Winter is coming!

The White Walkers, Vescera Law Shocked the hockey World with the 5th game of unbeaten hockey. Bill Vescera is in coaching mode with a broken hand. His benchside manner seems to be paying off. Joe Martin would start the scoring for Green Goddess early in the game from Neil Foley. Than Chris Hammond would get the next one for Vescera to tie it up. GG would come right back and grab the lead again. This time Ralph "Boo" Espilat would bend the twine. And the goddess would dry up in the second. That's when Vescera went to work. grabbing 3 goals Chris Hammonds line would strike 3 times. It would be 4-2 heading into the third. In the third 2 quick goals by Vescera would get them in the cat birds seat, up by 3 and not looking back. Green goddess tried storming back and would make it respectable. In the End Vescera would hang on to the 7-5 victory.

Hope everyone has a great week!!! It will be cold! Winter is here!

Live, Breathe, LOVE............................Hockey!!!