Playoff atmosphere this friday

December 6, 2019

A couple of house keeping things to start:

1. Chris Bach is home resting after a severe groin pull that left him in agony. All's well and I am sure once he is healed we will see him at the barn.

2. Money is due. Was due this week. You should have paid $450 by now. Please make every effort to pay the fees.

Ok lets get into some hockey notes.

In the early going, Manville Pizza extended their winning streak to 3 games this week. Votta Properties were their latest victims. The black attack was all Mike Dussault in the back stop and the killer combination of Brian Beck and Steve Owens. Beck got all three goals for the Palace. Owens got 2 apples to complete the scoring. Votta Properties did their damage in the second. The scoring came from Kevin Webster and Ralphie Boo Man Espilat. Brandon Bell, Chris Bolton and Jared Martin would get the assists for the 2 goals. It was an exciting back and forth match up, in the end it was the MPP winning 3-2.

In game two, the story was the top teams trying to knock each other off the top of the standings. Green Goddess and Manny's faced off and sometimes a stick was upside down. Right Kenny. Manny's was in control as they watched Jay Pires stop everything for 33 minutes of the game. Tommy TLP Gaboriault would start scoring, pushing his way through getting through the defense. He was set up by Brian Pendergast. That would be the first. In the second, 37 seconds in, a face off, a shot, another shot and a goal. The subs for Manny's, Bobby Gravel and Doc Manzo combined for the goal, with yours truly setting it up. In the third the gold kept on trucking and extended the lead to 3-0. Penda scored with Derek Signoriello and TLP on the apples. Green Goddess would not give up. The passion of the Greens captain led to him being excused. This sparked Brad to lay up on the end of a power play and break the ice for the Goddess. With the goalie pulled, and only 34 seconds left, Larry Lefebvre would pop er in. All set up by Eric Campbell. It would not be enough, the clock wound down and Manny's Prevailed 3-2.

Final Touch and Roman Law would finish this week of games. Jay Pires settled in for another game in the net. He was stellar for both games he played. Mark Schaivone would be on the other side, with Dad watching from the warm room. Sorry Dad, he did his best. Final touch would come out fast with 2 goals in the early going, one by Richie Dias and the other by Mark Kosinski. Mark Ferreira and Jay Goyette would set those two up. Roman would cut the lead in half at the 8 minute mark of the first. Shane McCormick would get the goal from Andy Morrison. the momentum wouldn't last as Goyette would score to end the first from Kosinski. Early in the second Andy Morrison would get a goal to make it tight, like a tiger. He was set up by his political rival, Bill Babikian. Unfortunately for the red, they could not keep it going. Final Touch behind Kosinski, Goyette and Dias proved to be too much for them as FT extended the lead to 5-2 and win the game.

So what have we learned? We learned that this hockey family is the greatest of communities. When a situation arises, we rally, we come together and we care. I count my blessings to be part of this.

Live, Breathe, Love...............................Hockey!!!