Sorry No News today!

March 5, 2022

Ha Just kidding! Did I get you?

You know I love the Dussault's. I am a big fan, but Mr. D's Handwriting is atrocious lately. Just kidding, Ben learn how to write, or I am going to start slapping your hands with a ruler.

Let's get into the games. Final Touch and Manville Palace Pizza faced off in the early action. MPP started on time with an early goal by Keith Kraunelis. Bingo bango, MPP is on the board, off the face off. In the middle of the first, Shane McSHANE SHANE McCormick would take the puck off the corner boards and snipey snipey one in to make it 2-0. Steve Owens of Final Touch would get the next goal by shear will and force. Coming over the blue line, broken up twice, but stayed with it and caught the corner for the goal. MPP would get on the board late in the second to stretch the lead 3-1. Nick Nardone, would beat the pass, cut it off and bring it in and pop the toaster in the tub. It would not be enough as Steve Owens put on his cape and scored late in the period for FT. Still in the second less than a minute later, Timmy Pincince would get a gift in front of the net from Kraunelis and would not be denied. With less than a minute and less than a minute later, Pincince would do it again, this time from Steve Manning. You know he is a baker, I know a Steve Baker too. Coincidence? I think not. 4-3 going into the 3rd who would a thunk it. In any case, Nothing doing in the third, except an empty netter by Larry Lefvrebeafdwfvead I mean Lefebvre. Final Touch is right in the mix. The after interview with Shannon was quick and to the point. "Just getting out there and staying in the mix". 4-3 nail biter.

Onto the second game of the evening. Still crispy cold outside. In this one, Goddess of the Green gables faced off against Edge Doctor. I heard the doctor gives away free shirts to some but not to others. What the heck is that all about? I had to pay for mine. I think I will wear my Manny's shirts again. In any case, Edge Doctors blades were sharp early. They got on the board with a goal by Adam Babikian, getting a gift wrapped puck on the door step, from Sean Coffeys cannon of a shot. Just past the middle of the game, Iggy Gozman coming off the shelf, would pop one in from Andy Morrison, Goddess getting it Tied up. Late in the period, Kreg LaBelle would do what Kreg does and score, breaking away and getting the better of the D. In the second, hoe hum. The second isn't a hoe, she's a nice girl. You take that back. Onto the third and Midway through, Al Whitton would put the puck in the upper left corner of the Hollywood Square, I think Will Wheaton was there, tying up the score, again. Another goal late, put Green Goddess on top for the first time, this time it was Andy Morrison from Ricky Ya Volt Vasconcelos and Gary Ouillette. Edge would not be edged out of this one though, especially LaBelle. With the front of the net tied up, the puck sat in the crease. LaBelle would dive across and push the puck in with his stick to tie it up once again. What a game, my goodness. 3-3 with a playoff atmosphere.

Here we are, at the late game. We miss you late game, thank god we didn't have to play it. Let's get ready for this one. In the first and early in the first Quick Dam would start the ball rolling. Now I am not sure what happened, but Glen Medeirios would score unassisted. I missed it, what happened? This would be the score through the rest of the period and midway through the second. Until, Quick Dam would score again. This time the defense would get through, Chad Labaste would put it home from Jarred Martin. Votta would finally show up to the game at the 7 minute mark. It would be Mark Kosinski cutting the lead in half from Jarred's daddy, Joe Martin. With 30 seconds left, White Gloves would tie er up. He would be set up by Mike Bragan, go figure. Here we go to the third. Joe Martin would get the game winner right in the beginning. He would get the rebound from Kosinki and Bragan, again duh right. Late in the game with the empty net, Bragan would stamp this one in the books. Votta Properties 4-2.

So, with a win by Final Touch, they stay in the mix. A tie of GG and ED (E.D.hahahaha), they stay tied with each other for the number 3 spot. Votta Properties win, propels them by 3 over Vescera for the top spot. Very interesting. Vegas has Votta in the front spot as well, but the odds makers do not over look a dark horse like Quick Dam. All that said, I have said nothing really. I might make a good politician. Anyway, have a great week.

Next Friday, Mike and I will be out at Coach's Pub in 329 Waterman Ave, Smithfield. Wicked Rhode baby!!!. If you have the early game and don't want to hang around the rink, come on down. If you have the bye and don't get a call, come on down. If you love us, skip your game and come on down!!!

Again, have a great week everyone. Love you all. You crazy bunch of basteds.

Live, Breathe, Love........................................HOCKEY!!!!