The 4 seasons in 3 days. Welcome to New England

February 26, 2022

Happy End Of February everyone.

The weather outside is frigh........wait it is beaut................oh nope shitty again. With all the trouble in the world and the weird weather, the covid thing that is waning, we always have each other and hockey to look forward to each week. I appreciate all of you! You keep me from taking a toaster bath. I just heard that reference last night (credit Aimee). It's fun to laugh at suicide jokes. ahhh.. So thanks for being so much fun y'all, 

The first game was Vescera Law and Green Goddess. What a game this turned out to be. Vescera Law got on the board first with just 4 minutes to go in the first. Nate Arruda broke past the circles and powered the puck in the net. Clarken had the puck but it rolled over his blocker and tricked past the goal line. Nate would then draw a penalty allowing GG to get a power play. This resulted in a goal by Neil Yee from Al Whitton. A minute later, Richie Dias danced around the defense and tucked the puck into the net. Then with less than a minute left, Vescera would get one right off the face off. Greg Landry won the face off and popped it into the net five hole. And Just like that, 3-1 Vescera in the first. In the second, Vescera would get another midway through. Keith Kraunelis would put it past set up by Glen Medeiros. Looking grim for Goddess in this one. Until, Ricky Vasconcelos got the start of what would be greatness. Andy Morrison set up Ricky to make the score 4-2, cutting the lead. Early in the third, Goddess would strike again and so would Rick with another set up by Morrison, deja vu all over again. Vescera would not be finished as they stretched the lead once again. Richie Dias would strike again, killing it with his magic. This time he was set up by Aimee Accinno and Peter Meegan. Goddess did not give up hope. With just 4 minutes on the clock, Gary Ouilette would get a pass from behind the net by Morrison and Brian Pendergast. Twenty Seconds later, Neil Yee would strike again getting on the board from Al Whitton. Yepper tie hockey game. And to finish it off, with 43 seconds left on the clock. Ricky Vasconcelos would finish off his Sombrero and grab the win for Goddess. What a game all around. Goddess would win 6-5. 

My god man, what happened to Quick Dam. Well you see they had 5 subs tonight. Although, a good sign was seeing our good friend Mark Schaivone getting on his skates between periods and warm ups. Hopefully he is ready to come back before the big Nashville trip. We are all rooting for you buddy. The Dam had the great Santini Santiago in net. While Jooboo, Jaboo? wasn't seen, his lovely wife was cheering him on. The Dam started the scoring in the first and fairly late, with a goal by Nick Nardone, who was set up by Ed Cardoso. Ed has been a monster for the QD lately. In the second, it would be almost as much time before the orange scored again. This time it was 88, Ralphie My Boo and yours Espilat, putting the oyster in the cracker. He would be set up by Jarred Martin. Less than a minute would tick by as Quick Dam would pour it on, this time Glen Medeiros would tuck the puck, set up by Pete Meegan. These guys played the previous game. Warriors, I tell you. In the third barely away from the drop on the face off circle, Jimmy Meegan would help the cause for the Dam, he also captained the previous game. He was set up by Ed Cardoso. Finally, with a couple of minutes in the third gone by Jerry Fahey would put the puck in the net for the Final Touch, set up by Larry Lefebvre. Late in the period the Quick Dam would put an exclamation and blow out the candles off this cake. Nick would put another one in and again from Cardoso. Quick Dam is feeling their way up the ladder of success. Lots of time left in the season. Maybe it will basement to penthouse for orange. In the end 5-1 QD.

Welcome to the late game, thanks for staying with us. Did anybody see Pizzo on the ice? Not sure what number he was? Anybody? Lots of subs and a bit of controversy. Votta Properties and Edge Doctor went at it tonight. In Ricky's defense, he had a daughter who needed stitches and that was on his mind. However, the game was stopped and a player was ineligible to play. That said, in the first Votta got on the board. Ole white gloves himself would start the scoring, Mark Kosinski put the puck in the net unassisted. In the Second, Ricky found his jersey and the back of the net with a goal. He would also be unassisted. Where are the helpers. Kosinski would follow up his first goal with another midway through the second. Less than a minute later Bragan would get on the board for the Property. He would be set up by Pizzo I think. He was wearing some really dull uni, no color to it what-so-ever. Just kidding, he was matching his two cars. Just when you thought it was safe and you were all done. Edge Doctor would crawl back with one midway through the third. Adam Babikian, rallying the team by getting a goal. He was set up by Ralph Espilat. It would be all they could muster however. As Votta would jump into first with the 4-1 win. 

When all was said and done and done and said, we all have fun. The beer was good, the company was better. 

Hope you all have a great week and weekend. Do something fun. We are going bowling. Not scorpion bowling. Just regular. Make sure you live every moment with a smile. Life is too short to be pissy. 

Live, Breathe, Love.......................................................HOCKEY!!!