The Matty Chronicles: Episode 9 : Resilence

November 11, 2016

Vescera Law caught Final touch sleeping and scored on a great pass by Nate Arruda to Nick Miranda. Tom Gaborieault would answer within seconds. Like Deja vu Nick would take another great pass from Nate and it would be 2-1. This would not last, Anthony Lisi would tie it up and it was a whole new game. Final Touch kept the pressure on with Gaborieult getting a hat trick. After the first two goals the defense settled in and Dan Albertelli would keep the coal out of the stove. Final Touch gets the top spot with the 6-2 win.

In early action, Manville Pizza Palace delivered a devastating start to the game. 3 goals within the first three shifts. Dan Dussault would get the 3rd and eventual game winner for his team. They would seal the deal with a 5-2 victory. Manny's would not go away and kept the pressure on for the rest of the game. Derek Signoriello had a beautiful back hand that would make it 4-2 but that would not be enough. Mike Dussualt Jr. would be impressive in net to keep Manville in contention for the top spot.

In the final action of the night, MSCCC and Roman Law skated to a 0-0 tie right up until the 4th minute of the second. Gary Ouilette would get a hat trick and three assists for 6 points. And before you knew it the damn broke and it was 7-0. Dan Claire and Dave McQuaid would score a couple each. Eric Campbell of Roman Law would get a hat trick late in the game. Score one for not giving up. It was just not Roman Laws night as they went down in flames. MSCCC meanwhile is climbing the charts.

Next week Final Touch has a by if you need players ;)

The match ups are :Roman faces Manny's, Manville Vs. Vescera and Green Goddess vs. MSCCC

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!

Live, Breathe, Love...........................Hockey!!!