The Matty Chronicles: "Manny's Comeback"

November 5, 2016

Manny's Hockey Shop managed a comeback after being down by 2 goals to Vescera Law. Nate Arruda and crew got out to the 2 goal lead. As the game wore on Manny's chipped away. Mike Strayer started the scoring for Manny's while Derrick Signoriello would get 2 goals to get the win 3-2 keeping them tied for first place.

In another comeback, Final Touch started their game behind the eight ball. Down by 2 goals early, Steve Owens and Gary Myers started the scoring. Christmas come early with those red and green socks. Andy Meegan would get off a shot from the point that had eyes. Later, Pete Meegan would get a Hatty and Tommy Gaborieault would get what would turn out to be a game winner. Great game all around.

And then we went to the prom with our first cousin and got the tie out of Roman Law and Green Goddess. It was truly an up and down game, but the goddess held on as Roman seemed to have the edge. In the end a great game, just no winner.

And now Butt Scratcher


Live, Breathe, Love........Hockey! Butt scratcher!?