The Weekend Part Deux

April 27, 2019

Fellow members of This Summer Season of The NRIAHL, PLEASE HAVE YOUR $100.00 MAY 1ST PAYMENT TONIGHT.


When it comes to an odd night for Friday night making it Saturday night, and um where was I? Anyway, Friday night supplemental.

In the first game, Roman Law came out to a roaring start. getting ahead of Manny's 4-0. Manny's did claw back but it was not in time. Roman's Neil Foley got the game winner late in the second. Roman would win 5-3 after an empty netter.

In game 2 Manville Palace Pizza took it to Vescera Law. Vescera got out to an early lead 1-0 and that would be the last lead they would have. Peter Meegan, Brian Beck and Glen Marshall would come up big for MPP. The pizza is rising with no losses this season.

While no one saw the game, there was a game played. Yes everyone was in the "Warm Room Cafe". Votta came out strong 4-0 before Green Goddess would finally crack the egg. And then score the next two getting close. It would not be enough as Votta would stack on 3 more with Mike Riendeau getting the game winner.

In other news. GOD DAMN BRUINS LOST!

Special thanks to Jack Russ for letting us stay later.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Live, Breathe, Love.................................Hockey!!!!