Wait, NO penalties? Really?? In 3 games??

April 26, 2019

In the first game of the evening, Votta Properties and Final Touch would skate the 0-0 tie until Stephen Albertelli lit the candle and got the party started. Final Touch would come right back with Greg Landry beating Mike Baro to the back of the net from Ralph Espilat. The debate in the "Warm Room Cafe" was between yours truly and the Young Adam Babikian. Adam your goal may have gone five, which it didn't, but it did hit his pad. Yes, Adam did score to make it 2-1 in the first. In the second Votta would stretch the lead to 4-1 with goals by Mike Reindeau and Steve Albertelli. In the the third Final Touch would cut the lead in half with a bb shot by Eric Campbell off the face off early. Albertelli, would again score midway through and complete the hat trick. Babikian would get a goal and 3 assists, with tying Albertelli with the points total. Glen Marshall would get Final Touch closer but it would not be enough. Votta Properties would win 5-3.

Manville Palace Pizza in front of goal keep Michael Dussault. Junior would keep his former team off the board for the better part of 3 periods. At the drop of the puck it was all MPP all the time. Brian Duboc would score a goal at the 122 mark of the first. A full period and 4 seconds later, DewBOCK would DewBock it again from Tommy Gaborieault and Daniel Dussault. (Wax on Daniel-son). Later Duboc would finish the Natty Hatty with what would turn out to be the game winner. Wow, welcome back Brian. Mark Kosinski would grab a goal late in the second, making it 5-zip. Jim Gavin would finally crack the enigma that is Mike Dussaults game and put one past him for Green Goddess. Kosinski (formally white gloves) would make it 6-1 Duboc and Tommy G would really put it away making it 7-1. Mike Bragan would pad his stats for the Goddess, but it would not be nearly enough. MPP wins big 7-2.

The west coast game? did anyone see it? by this time I was outside with my friend Noah getting my arc ready. What's an arc? Too bad because this was the game of the night. Gary Ouilette would get the party started for Roman Lawdoing his impression of his jersey number. "call me Gretzky and leave the Jergens on the night table". Vescera Law would come back right after the drop of the puck in the second scoring 32 seconds in. By the way, wow loving the Vescera Law new jerseys. Reminded me of the Blue Jackets jerseys. Wait fuck those jerseys! Go Bruins!!! Paul Bergy Bergeron would put the Red on top once again in a minute later. On to the third and another quick goal of the face off just 18 seconds in from Bobby Gravel, good to see you "Pornstar". Only 2 minutes later Captain America, Shawn Smith would seemingly put the game away making it 4-1, or did he?? #9 from Vescera would cut the lead in half. And then on came Rob Edlemen with just 45 seconds left in the game. Then 34 seconds later and 11 minutes to go, Robbie did it again to tie the game. WOW!!!! what a finish. 4-4.

What a week. Stars of the week Brian Duboc, Steve Albertelli, Rob Edleman. Special mention Adam Babikian and Mike Dussault.

By the way! Let's not be bitches. When two teams have dark jerseys, one team has to wear the pinny's or make an effort to bring a spare set of light jerseys. This is for MPP, Votta, Goddess and Final Touch. You guys need to get this squared away.

Hey OT did you bring the fries to the CA for her to admire your LT?

Right back at it tonight ladies and Gentlemen. Remember 6 - 710 and 820 here we go! GO BRUINS!!!!

Live, Breathe, Love............................Hockey!! (Bruins).