This Friday like last Friday

May 17, 2019

Wow what a set of hockey games. It was like models at the circus, Pretty in-tents.

Let's start at the beginning. The ice is getting softer as the temp outside gets warmer. The rink insists on putting too much water down. That said, if you can restrain yourselves, please give the ice a few minutes before you skate on it. In any event, Manny's and Green Goddess go against each other. Much like last week, it would be a battle. Like last week Manny's struck first with Anthony Lisi getting the maze and royal going. Green Goddess would strike back with a goal by Mike Bragan, from Jimmy Meegan and Jim Galvin. Manny's would stretch the lead with Brian Pendergast getting the next 2 to end the first 3-1 in Manny's favor. In the second Galvin would get going with the first of his Hat Trick. Eric Robichaud would change his line up a bit to break out Galvin, who would be the recipient of a great bounce. Captain Derek Signoriello would not let that get him down. A heady play by Derek would score the next one as he blocked a breakout pass and stuffed the puck in the net, like teddy bear. In the third, Shannon Caverly with the help of Peter Meegan would get what would turn out to be the game winner. Wait there is more. Jim Galvin would get 2 more at 10:20 and 11:20 it just would not be enough. Like last week the Goddess would make it close. Manny's would hold on to win 5-4.

Final Touch would try to repeat what they did last week, but Dave MacDonald would not let that happen. In the first FT looked good. Especially with Ricky Votta helping and getting the first one from Richie Dias. In the second Vescera would win the period getting a goal in the second minute from Paul Praderio  and Shane McCormick with the help of Bill Vescera himself and Steve Manning. In the Third Ricky Votta would Strike again. He would get the helper from the other Ricky V(asconcelos) who would help on all three of Final Touch's goals. At one point, Vescera was up 3-1 but Final Touch made it interesting in the last 2 minutes to squeak out the tie. Kiss your sister much! Great game. 3-3

In the final game, as St. Louis held on to beat San Jose, Roman Law went up against Manville Palace Pizza. The pizza would rise fast and get cooking with an early goal from Steve Owens who worked the puck past Tommy Martins with the help from Mark Kosinski and Dan Dussault. Kosinski would end the period with a goal of his own Jay Cinq-Mars and Owens on the helper. In the second it was all Law all the time. The opened with a goal by Bobby Gravel and his beautiful mustache, with Neil Foley setting him up. 2 and half minutes past and Shawn Smith would get the score tied up 2-2 with Gary Ouilette and Gravel setting it up. Manville would go ahead with Brian Duboc finally getting going from Larry Lafebvre. 16 seconds later Red would tie it up from Andy Morrisons goal with Timmy Sheehan's help. Then Bill Babikian, yep Adam your dad, would get the next one to go ahead once again. Like a porn star, Gravel would force the puck in to the net in the third to get the game winner, some might call it the money shot. Manville would puck up a late one to keep it close, with Kosinksi bending the twine. It would not be enough as the empty netter went to Andy Morrison to finish it up. Roman Wins 6-4.

Have a great week everyone! Lets Go BRUINS!!!!!

Live, Breathe, Love..................................Hockey!!!

"There is always room on our team for a goon"... Warren Zevon