When Hell Freezes over, I'll Play Hockey There Too.

May 24, 2019

Final Touch and Roman Law went at it in the early game. It was quite the interesting game. Big Pawpaw Babikian continues to claim he had a goal and 2 assists. I cannot find it on the score sheet. In fact, there were no goals in the first for either team. It would be the mid second before Final Touch would get on the board. Lots of stuff going on back and forth. This one got a bit out of hand but it got reined in by the third. Glen Marshall would take advantage of a power play and pop the water bottle to decide this one. Rich Dias would have been proud as Final Touch with Mark Clarkin getting the Shut out. 2-0.

Votta Properties meant business in the second game of the night against the Evil Empire, Manville Pizza. 20 seconds in, Steven Albertelli would start it off with youth flexing their muscles, as Adam Babilkian got the helper. The Pizza would settle in and keep the slate clean until the second. 2:45 minutes in Votta would stretch the lead to 2. Mark, White Gloves, Kosinski would cut the lead in half for the black. Ricky Votta would take the team on his back and put away the next one. Albertelli would take the lead again and it would end up being the game winner. Kosinski would pop in the second one before the end of the second to keep it close. 21 seconds into the third Tommy Gaboriault would make it 4-3. it wouldn't be enough as Manville could not muster any more and Votta would pop in 2 more, Adam getting the statement goal with just over a minute to go. Votta is on a tear.

The late game had Manny's all over Vescera. Anthony Lisi started the scoring early. It was Nate Patterson getting it all going and then being rewarded with the long shot from the point. Lisi would start the second has he did the game, with the eventual game winner. Manny's best player in the end was Shannon Caverly and her awesome breakaway for the tally. Head fakes, puck movement, it was a thing of beauty. In the end Manny's would pull it out 8-2.

To play the game is good,
To win is better,
But to love the game is best of all

Live, Breathe, Love..........................Hockey!!!!!