Votta Properties, Nuff Said.

June 14, 2019

Lets start with the rising of the pizza. Ok lets just say that Manville Palace Pizza had multiple multi point players. Tommy Gaboriault would finish off Vescera with the final goal. He would end with 4 goals. No assist for Tommy. Way to be a team player. Speaking of team players, Dan Dussault would end up with 5 assists in a 12 goal stint. Brian Duboc would also have 5 points, he would tie Tommy with and an assist. Mark Kosinski would also be a big point getter with 3 goals and 3 assists. It looks like 4 goals scorers 7 other point getters in this one. Vescera would not give up the ghost that easy as the scored 5 altogether 3 in the beginning of the third. This one was a total blow out. Manville 12-5

Game two of the evening was a hell of a game. Green Goddess would throw the kitchen sink at Votta Properties. In the second Votta Properties would crack open the game right after the puck drop. Adam Babikian would get the party started from Shooter Dionne and Steven Albertelli. With nothing happening in the first, all of a sudden, scoring is a plenty at the beginning of the second. Jim Galvin would tie the score for Green Goddess. He would be helped by Jimmy Meegan and Sean Coffey. It wouldn't be until early in the third when Votta would extend their lead again. Adam Babikian would have a hand in this one as well. Votta would be coasting to another victory. But wait there's more. Glen Mederios would put the biscuit in the basket on a great play all around. Helped by Jimmy Meegan and Marc Dionne again. The jubilation would not last as Albertelli would stab Green Goddess in the heart and take the lead literally off the face off. Babikian would help on this one as well, getting 3 points and vaulting his team to another win. 3-2 Votta.

In the final game, Manny's and Roman Law would duke this one out. Roman Law would come out early with Shawn Smith putting the puck home. This one also saw the return of ole yella socks him self Ray Iannuccilio (really don't think I spelled that right...Oh well he beat me on the second goal Anyway, Manny's tied it up with Peter Meegan getting the goal from Derek Signoriello. Remember when I said Ray beat me. Yeah this is that part. Ray came down cut in and put the puck away to end the first with a 2-1 lead. Manny's would not be phased. Early in the second, Brian Pendergast would win the faceoff back to Scott Reilly. Reilly would shoot quick, giving the rebound over to Anthony Lisi, who bury it, tying the game. Very Late in the second, Ray would strike again. Putting his team up for good. In the third, Roman would put two more in to finish it off. Just so you know, Bill Babikian would contribute with 2 assists. Not quite the goal and 2 assists his son had, but not bad. In any event Roman Law won. Manny's Lost. And I hate you all.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Live, Breathe, Love..............Hockey!!!

PS: We should get the grilling going next week folks. Captains talk to your teams. Get something together.