Yep Votta still winning.

June 21, 2019

Votta Properties keeps rolling over the league with precision. Even with the captain on the gimp, they still manage to look like there is no stopping them. Manville Pizza stepped on the ice with them and before they knew it Ricky Votta, Steve Albertelli, Mike Riendeau and Adam Babikian had given the Purple express the 4-0 lead to end the first. Albertelli, Babikian, and Shooter Dionne would take care of the second for three more. Mike Ferreira looked like he shook off his long hangover from being taken advantage of last weekend. (It's funny, 'cause just the other day, me and my boy, we was wonderin' why they even call 'em roofies.  Why not floories, right? 'Cause when you take 'em, you're more likely to end up on the floor than the roof. What about groundies? That's a good new name fo' 'em. Or how 'bout rapies?) In the end, Manville Pizza would spoil the shutout. Not my fault this time Mike Baro, I didn't Jinx ya. Ole White Gloves (Mark Kosinski) would be crack the egg for the Palace. In the end it would be Votta continuing it's reign.

Manny's has been having a tough time this season, hovering around 500. After last night, they are dead on .500. Manny's started on time last night getting 3 goals in the first. Jack "Ice Man" Russ would put the gold on the board. We call it maze. Derek Signoriello would put the next two in for his team. That would be all they would need. In the end, Derek would get another to complete the Hatty. Meanwhile, Scott Reilly and Nate Patterson would chip in the other two. Vescera would have an onslot of goals at the end with Jerry Fahey and Jay Arruda beating the shut out. Manny's would win 6-2.

Now for the real game of the night. This is where the rubber meets the road. Final Touch and Roman Law went to grapple with the late hour. Andy Morrison would get the first punch in with Neil Foley providing the assist. Final Touch would counter 2 minutes later with Ralphie The Boo Man Espilat providing the sting. Before the first was over, captain my captain, Shawn Smith would bend the twine to put the red in the black and ahead by one. In the second as the teams teetered back and forth and Red still in the lead, Final Touch would even things up with a goal by whomever was number 10. Either way a tie is born. In the final chapter, it would be a 2-2 tie with just minutes ticking away on the rest of the evening and the parking lot full of Kan Jammers, Roman Laws very own Neil Foley would tip the scales, on his third point of the night and first star. Unfortunately for Roman and Neil, the jubilation would not last, as Boo said 'fuck you Neil' and put it in to tie the game from Richie Dias and his new pants. This with only 48 seconds left on the board. What a game. Wish I saw it.

If anyone is interested, Richie Dias is entertaining at the Oriental Pearl in Wesport tonight Sat, the 22. Hope you all can make it.

Captains, it is grilling season, we need a plan. Tommy G is getting upset.

Hope everyone has a glorious week.

Live, Breathe, Love.......................Hockey!!!!!!!