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Friday June 11th

June 12, 2021

June 11th 2021-In the opening game of the evenings action, Final Touch faced the Edge Doctor. Edge Doctor would jump out to an early 3-0 lead. Steve Owens would get the party started. Adam Babikian would follow up with one of his own and Kreg Labelle would complete the trifecta. A report came out that the second goal was meant to ice the puck during the penalty kill. It hit Babikian in the hip and went in the net. How unfortunate. In the second it was all Final Touch all the time. Chris Pilot would get the first one unassisted. Mark Kosinski would get the next one. Bill Figueredo would join his team for the first time and contribute a goal of his own. In the third, Pilot would open the scoring to get the hat trick. Kosinski would get another before, the Doctor stopped the bleeding. Steve Owns would get a second goal for the evening. Final's hero, Chris Pilot would then get his fourth. Eric Campbell would round out the barn burner for the 5th goal for his team and 12th goal the game. Final Touch would win this one 7-2.

Manville Pizza and Vescera Law were on the ticket for the middle. Manville took care of business with an early goal by Rick Vasconcelos. Keith Krunelis would get the second goal. Vescera would strike back to cut the lead in half. Iggy Gozman would get the tally. Manville Pizza would get 4 unanswered goals and overwhelm Vescera through the second and third. MPP would share the glory with, Kevin Webster, Glen Marshall, Krunelis and Captain Dan Dussault all getting the puck in the net. Vescera would get a late goal, but it would not be enough. Manville Pizza would go onto win 6-2.

In late action, Green Goddess and Votta Properties would go at it. the Goddess would get out early with goal at the 2 minute mark. Larry Lefebvre would put the second one in for the green and they were off and rolling. Late in the period, Jay Cawley would get Votta on the board. Green Goddess would score twice in the second to stretch the lead. Bobby Gravel would start the third with a goal for the Green. That would be enough to win it. Late in the game Shane McCormick would get one for Votta but it would not be enough. Goddess takes the win 5-2

Reminder, Rich Dias leads another team, Identity Crisis. They will be playing at the Oriental Pearl in Westport, Ma. Festivities begin at 9ish. Hope y'all can make it.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Live, Breathe, Love..........................HOCKEY!!!!!

Summer! You turn me upside down!

June 5, 2021

June 4, 2021. Pandemic is on its way out the door. Some new friends have joined the league. Some old faces are back and will be back. Welcome back Bobby Jordan and Craig Pizzo.

The story of the night, Dan Dussault. What happens when your goalie has flat and doesn't make the game, Dan's quote, "Hold My Beer". Dan stood in net and thwarted the flurry of shots from Green Goddess. The Pizza won with Dussault carrying his team on his back and front and every where else. Great Job. Imagine if you had goalie gear what you could do. Pizza starts the campaign with a 4-3 win over Goddess.

In Game 2 Quick Dam getting after Votta Properties. Like anything else, the start of a season doesn't always go your way. Right Neil Foley. Neil thought his gear was in his car. It was not. However, he did bring beer. This required Captain Shawn Smith to get a reliable sub. Someone he was familiar with from last season. Yep, yours truly got the call up. Quick Dam and Vescera were tied 0-0 in the first and 1-1 in the second. In the third it was all ORANGE. Quick Dam took care of business, getting 4 to win the game. Andy Morrison and Richie Dias led the way on consecutive lines with 2 goals each. The New "Webby" Scott Webber got the capper to finish 5-1 to start the season.

In the late game, it was a battle. Final Touch on their championship tour, trying to repeat. Vescera Law trying to show, last year was merely a fluke. Final got on the board first with a goal by Mark Kosinski from Mark Ferreira. In the second Vescera would get on the board with a sub getting the goal (kyle from amgen). The second goal came from the point by Jay Arruda, son of bitch was a laser beam. Final Touch would not give up, Dubya came in with a back hander. Yep, JW Preston working down low. Kosinski would grab another goal, late in the second. This thing was a rock fight as Vescera would put another to tie it up before the 2nd period buzzer. In the third, Final Touch would go ahead again with Gary Ouilette getting one early. The lead would not last as at the 8 Minute mark, a breakaway and a questionable goal would tie it up for the White. In the end, the two titans of the ice would skate to a tie. 4-4.

Great night of hockey folks. Let's do something different next week, lets have everyone show up, and with the needed equipment to play hockey. What do you think?

Have a great week everyone.

Live, Breathe, Love,.................................................HOCKEY!!!!