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Friday night capers.

January 29, 2023

Sorry for the late jump on this. A lot going on right now. 

In any case, my work was cut out for me by the first and second game. Some lop sided scores. However, we did get to see another Dussault on the ice. Ben Dussault was skating in between periods. Nice to see the youth of America getting some exercise instead of diabetes. So, I was thinking, if the Evil Empire refers to Manville Pizza and It is a Star Wars Reference. And Danny named his kid Ben. Now Ben in the movies killed his father. Dan is no Han (wait what thats freaking close), but I would be careful if I were him. 

In the first game the Dussaults took the wrong end of the Lop sided score. Votta Properties put up 9 on the evil empire. Ricky Votta with a goal for good measure. Im not sure who was subbing in for the big V, but number 24 with a hat trick. Sorry I dont remember. In any case there were 9 goals. Pizza had 2 one from Keith Kraunelis, one from Eric Campbell. 

Next up was another lop sided victory. This game looked like all Green Goddess to start with but it didn't last. Let's just say, I believe that Eric Robichaud only played forward to impress his daughter. It was not enough. He and Steve Lombardi were on the board early. And then the Sub-marine, sub sandwich, sub machine, went to work. Vescera law got 7 and won the game. Dan Clare, Scott Reilly and Kevin Schleicher scored for their team. The others were all subs. Thanks for playing subs. 

And the game of the night. This game had playoff atmosphere. On one side you had Quick Dam, with very few if no subs. On the Final Touch side, it was half Touch and half Edge Doctor. That would make a good band name. The EDGE OF TOUCH. or maybe just Touch the Edge, good movie name. In the end, after some real good back and forth action, Final Touch broke the egg with a goal by Adam Babikian, set up by Neil Yee. At the end of the period, Quick Dam broke through with a goal by Kreg LaBelle, picking up the puck from the blue line. Late in the third, Larry Lafebvre would be the hero with the game winner. 2-1 Quick Dam. 

I love you all. Have a great week. 

Live, Breathe, Love......................................................................................HOCKEY!!!!!

Its been awhile Hi

January 21, 2023

Refresh Refresh Refresh. Huh.

Lets get into it. I had this all done and I was frustrated and put it away. Here we go again.

By the way, when you are pretending to be a rock star and you fly into the rink at 1:30 in the morning, you expect a beer. What happened to this league.

Last weeks games were Manville beating Touch 4-2 with what they call fair subs. Votta took it to Vescera and it was Ricky Handsome getting the hat trick. And Last but not least. Quick Dam squeaked by Edge 3-2. And jimmy crack corn.

Lets start at the beginning this week. Quick Dam and Votta went at it. Frank Nardone had the prettiest goal in the history of the game. I mean it was a thing of beauty. I hear he is working out. Even the dog is getting a pussy wheel to get some exercise. In the Second Votta would tie it up with a goal by Al Whitton. In the third Kreg Labelle with the GWG late in the game.

The second game was intense. It pitted The Beauty and talent of Final Touch against Edge Dr. It was a great game until, Steve Owens had to ruin it with a goal with 5:57 left in the game. Then Adam Babikian got a breakaway and did really ruined. Glen Marshall would quarterback  both goals. 2-0.

Here is the game that took me all morning to add to the scores. Green Goddess beat up on Manville Pizza 11-4. Number 12 got 5 goals. Who the hell is 12? Oh Shit that was Kevin Schleicher from Vescera. Nice. And Richie Dias scored most of the rest with a hatty. On the other side MPP didnt just lay down. Aimee might a got the first one for MPP and then Eric, Keith and Dan would close out the scoring. This was a mess. But in the end, the time ran out.

Ok, here is where I got frustrated. I tried to download a picture of Ralph with a lost bet. He made a bet with Theresa Morrison. Rangers lost, he has a beautiful new sweatshirt with Bruins Logo. It is awesome and as soon as I can upload the mother effer. I will.


Hope you all have a great week.


Live, Breathe, LOVE...........................Hockey!!!!