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Did You Miss Me? I'm Back!!

March 25, 2023

Hello ladies and gentleman and all the ships at sea.

I cannot believe it has been a few weeks since we last chatted. I know I missed you. I hope you missed me. This is the last week of the regular season. The winter season is always the longest eh. Really long, like holy crap. Did everyone have a fun and drunken St. Patricks day?? Mike Junior and I were out entertaining the Pawtucket folks in the hood. Jack Babineau was out in the armpit of Burrillville doing the same. Apparently there is some musical talent strewn throughout this league. Bobby Jordan, Rich Dias and Eric Robichaud all are musicians as well. Anyone else? I know some of you play the skin flute or male organ. Bahahaha. That's dirty, who says that shit? Ok onto the games.

Last week Some upsets due to subs, I would assume. In the first game, Green Goddess and Vescera had a hell of a battle. Goddess won 2-1. I mean that goddess team is up and coming. Rich Dias of Somerset Massachusetts and My man RAY Iannuccillo. I feel like his last name is a song in Italy? I an a chillo, i an a chillo ! On the Vescera side it was Dan Clare scratched out the lone goal for the Law. Must of been a heck of a game.

Final Touch got over on the second best team in the league, Quick Dam. I call bs. Wait, I mean great job FINAL TOUCH WOOT WOOT. Sean Coffey with the two goals. BTW he is on the team so fuck off. Quick Dam could not get past Frankie Zabatta. Thats it, boring fucking game.

Here is the real upset Manville Pizza getting over on Votta Properties. Let's just say Keith Kraunelis had 4 goals. 4, that is amazing. The other goals were by an unknown soldier, Captain Dan Dussault and Mark Kosinski. On the Votta Properties side Nick Nardone and Ricky Votta would get a goal a piece. Plus an unknown. Manville won 7-3.

Lets move on. This weeks peeps.

Quick Dam bounced back against Manville Pizza. It went back and forth in the early going of this one. At the end of one, Kreg Labelle with a couple to make it 2-1. Keith Kraunelis, the scoring machine, put one past Doc Payette. In the second Manville pulled ahead of their juggernaut Quick Dam team. A goal by Chad Labeste and a guest. In the third It was all Quick Dam all the time. Larry Lefebvre would light the fire. Shawn Smith would get on the board and Craig Pizzo would end the game with one. This is a sneak preview of game one of the playoffs.

Here we go mother truckers. Final Touch and Vescera Law. Another sneak preview of day one of the playoffs. Did you see my girl Shannon skating last night. Reminded us of the ice girls at the Garden. Looking good!!! Anyway, Zabatta with another shut out. Looking sharp for the playoffs. Evin Huguenin Huggy Bear, got the touch on the board. After 17 tries, Neil Yee finally completed his break away. My boy Sean Coffey on a scoring streak with a goal in the third and the capper would be Mark Shooter Dionne with number 4. Final Touch with its entire team. 4-0.

Edge Doctor would get another win in a big way over Goddess last night. Big. Giant. Adam must be so proud of this team. A couple of goals for Glen Marshall. A couple for The Captain Adam Babikian. A couple for Brian Cormier. And Peter Meegan got one. Steve Lombardi got the lone goal for Green Goddess.

Oh what a night, late March back 2023. What a special time for me, oh what a night.

Anyway, is everyone prepared for the playoffs. What's the predictions? Bill Babikian who is the favorite to go all the way? You are the Jimmy the Greek of the league. My Prediction, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! Pepper needs new shorts!

Ok everyone, have a great week. See you all on Friday.

Much LOVE!

Live, Breathe, Love.....................................................HOCKEY!



March 23, 2023

Hello my fellow hockey players!! 

Summer is almost upon us! Ok business talk. Enough with the flowery dialogue!

Summer league fee is $400. The new rink owners are demanding the league come up with Half before the start of the season. Just like life, it passes down to us!! 

If you are playing in the summer league, please bring your $200. deposit to the rink on Friday. Or as soon as you can!

Also, those of you who still have not finished the Winter fee payments, ITS TIME! Pay on Friday! no excuses. 

Everyone needs to step up here!!! Summer is a fun time to get together. Hockey, Kan Jam, maybe some cornhole and beverages of course!

Lets GO!!!!!! 

Thank you,

The Management