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It Comes Down To This!!

September 11, 2021

Lets start with a moment of silence or prayer for those who lost their lives on this date in 2001. God rest their souls.

Good Morning hockey fans. Thanks for coming out last night. The fan reaction was electric.

The first game of the showcase was Green Goddess battled it out wit Quick Dam. The Quick Dam machine keeps rolling. This one could have gotten out of hand early, but someone missed the net. Neil SMH. Actually, Shawn Smith took care of the goal scoring midway through the first. In the second, Scott Webber got QD out in front a bit more with the help of the Maple Woods Rock God, Rich Dias. In fact there were 2 rock stars out on the ice at the same time. Mike Dussault was in net for the Quick Dam. Shawn Smith put the puck upstairs and stretched the lead to 3 for quick dam off a rebound by Neil Foley and a pass by Andy Morrison. The Goddess was not dead yet. Peter Meegan bulled his way and his will to get Goddes on the board, with help from Rob Edleman. 2 Minutes ticked off and Anthony Lisi put it home from Larry Lafbrefgoeaarlelsdff. Another minute goes by and here we go, Edleman put one in of his own! We got ourselves a game. The jubilation did not last for the Goddess as Shawn Smith got a late second period goal. That's all she wrote. Third period was back and forth, but nothing. Rock Star Moment. Maple Woods features Loose Screws with our friend Rich Dias. But wait there's more, Mike Dussault leads Wicked Road at Copperfields tonight at 8 (Johnston). So depending on what part of the world you are in, go check them out.

I would like to just start this part with a little story. It's a story of a man by himself in his parents basement. A strange sound was coming from the drop ceiling. What could it be? A mouse? A rat? HMM? We need an expert. In comes our assumed hero Eric Campbell. Well there it was, this gigantic sparrow. Adam Babikian sprung into action and got the bird out the door. Phew that was close. Now onto our game. Adam the Birdman Babikian would spring into action again. He would put Edge Doctor out in front by 2 goals in a row. One could have been a one timer from a great pass by Rick Vasconcelos. (VAS-CON-SEL-OHS). He would get the next one from a pass from behind the net right on the tape. And yes PaPa that was a one timer. Manville would answer the bell and get one late in the period. Ben Dussault and his Uncle have the same handwriting. I think Ben actually is a bit more legible. In any case Rich LaPlante put the Manville Palace Pizza on the board, with help from Ben's Dad Dan Dussault. Real family affair at the rink last night. 3 generations of Dussault in the house. In the Second, MPP tied the score early, one of the subs got a goal from Greg Landry. I think it was Steve something or other. Anyway he would get another for them and all of a sudden MPP is in the lead. The See Saw tilted like the fat kid got on and Edge Doctor would get 2 unanswered in the second by Kreg Labelle and that would be all they needed. Late in the third the Edge put a exclamation  point on the win. 5-3.

The Late game had all kinds of playoff implications. If Final Touch could manage a win, they would put themselves in good shape for second place, with MPP only 2 points ahead and the Bye next week. very fever pitched to get this one done. Vescera would want to play spoiler. And it looked early like they would. Sean Forrant from Iggy Gozman would get the Law on the board early. A minute later, Ed Cardoso would set up Kevin Schleicher and put it passed. And all of a sudden it was 2-0. Well that would not last as The Touch Would pull their heads out of their collective asses and score 10 unanswered goals. Jerry Fahey would be a huge asset and get a hat trick and the game winning goal. All before the end of the first. Our hero, Jaramir Chris Pilot Burkle, would also get a hat trick in this one before it was over. Notably, our captain put one in off a beauty pass and tip play. Also, we got some real fun goals by Shooter, White Gloves and Gary with the staple shot at the end. But he was bowling earlier and got a 243 or something. So full of piss and vinegar. Oh and Shannon got 4 points in this one as well. 10-2 in the end.

Great night of hockey everyone. Hope you all had fun.

If you read this entire article you are here. Please come out and support your local friends bands. Maple Woods campgrounds Featuring Rich Dias and Loose Screws at 7pm. Or if you are in Rhode Island, Mike Dussault and Wicked Rhode are at Copperfields at 8pm.


Business PSA. I hope you are all paid up. If not get your money to the league.

Playoffs are in 2 weeks. Looks like Quick Dam has locked up the number one position. Final Touch may have the second spot sewed up with MPP on the bye next week. But not sure what the rules are, because some hacker erased them. I think it goes wins then head to head. So, if it is games won, Then it is sewed up. Which puts MPP in third (or maybe second) still not sure. Also, The Goddess vs. Edge Doctor is a big game, putting one or the other in forth. Votta could have a sniff at 5th. Vescera is in the drivers seat for an upset.

Looking forward to the playoffs. It's going to be great.

Have a great week.

Live, Breathe, Love..........................Hockey!!!

Feeling Negleted?

September 3, 2021

So way back on Friday, we had some games. However, you wouldn't know it as I just put the stats in today. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Heres the story, Manville Pizza took it to the VLAW with Mike Dussault back in net. MPP managed, to get 5 goals, winning the game with 2 unanswered in the third. It was basically all Dan Dussault and Keith Krunelis doing the damage in the end. Each with a goal and an assist in the late action. Vescera Law got 3 goals, 2 from subs and one from Dan Clare. Not enough as MPP controls their own destiny.

In the second game, Final Touch hit the ice like the Swedish National team, well their jerseys reflected them anyway. Gary Ouilette was the hero in this one, with the game winning goal and an assist. Bill Figueredo got a nice tip in to put an exclamation mark on the game from Shooter, Mark Dionne. Kreg Labelle and Aimee Accino got the goals for the Edge Doctors, who were in the game until the third. Final Touch skated to the 5-2 win in the new sweaters.

In the late action, Quick Dam and Votta Properties went to the prom with their sisters with a one, one tie. Votta got the early goal on a break away. Quick Dam with the answer at the bitter end of the first. Glen Medeiros on the helper. And that was the whole game. They skated the rest of the game with nothing to show for it. Quick Dam keeps their streak alive without a loss. Looks like they are a cinch for the Presidents Trophy.

It is an off week, with 2 left to go before playoffs. Time to tool up and take a break for the All Star weekend. See you all next week.

Hope you all have a great long weekend.

Live, Breathe, Love.......................................Hockey!!!!!